Disposable Dishware Poses Threat, May Cause Cancer

An expert in food packaging has asserted that disposable containers are ‘cancer in boxes’. Dong Jinshi, the Vice-president of the Hong Kong-based International Food Packaging Association confirmed that almost half of the disposable containers are not safe as they bear chemicals which can result into cancer.

It has been reported that the condition in the other cities are better like Beijing, which has accounted for only 30 percent of the disposable dishware to be substandard. The statements have been issues after the results were confirmed by a nine-year research project and other secondary data made available by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

According to a latest report released by IFPA, the numbers of disposable food boxes used by China in a year are 15 billion which are either made of paper pulp, foam or plastic. An investigation was done in two of the famous restaurants – the Laobian and the Dong Laishun restaurant, the samples collected were send to Beijing Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis and the tests conducted, confirmed that the disposable dish ware had enough amount of traces of talcum powder and ceresin wax posing a threat of cancer.

Dong and his team have filed a lawsuit Haidian district people’s court against the two food restaurants. He said, “This will be the first case in which the newly issued Food Safety Law will come into play in consumer rights protection”.

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