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Robert Eastman v. Mississippi Valley Silica Co., Inc.

Date: 11-12-2009

Case Style: Robert Eastman v. Mississippi Valley Silica Co., Inc.

Court: Circuit Court, Warren County, Mississippi

Plaintiff's Attorney: Tim Porter, Porter & Malouf. Jackson, Mississippi

Defendant's Attorney:

Description: Robert Eastman sued Mississippi Valley Silica Co., Inc. on a products liability theory claiming that he sustained irreparable lung damage from silicosis caused by inhaling sandblasting sand at his place of employment. Plaintiff worked at Marathon Letourneau in Vicksburg for 25 years where he used sand provided by Defendant. He claimed that Defendant knew that the silica (sand) that it sold to Plaintiff's employer could cause incurable silicosis if inhaled in sufficient quantities and failed to harm of the potential harm that could be caused to users of the sand in sand blasting operation.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $7.6 million.